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Cabelcon F-56-UL 5.1 Ultralite Waterproof Snap and Seal Compression F Type Male Connector for RG6 and 100 Cables

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Technical spec
Product code A10128
MPN 99909506

Cabelcon is now offering UltraLite™, a more competitive solution with excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics.


UltraLite™ is a Cabelcon quality product, featuring most of the well-known Cabelcon performance capabilities such as the unique Cabelcon CX3 EPDM sealing in the nut, making it 100 % waterproof IPX8 (30 meters/8 hours). UltraLite™ is a one-piece connector operational at above 3 GHz with superb specifications.


The base material is a High Tech Polymer reinforced with a metal ring to assist compression – replacing the more expensive full brass construction.


UltraLite™ design is patented and can be used for CATV, satellite LNB’s, receivers, cable modems, set top boxes and all other applications – both in and outdoor.

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From Stuart Mcguire at 02/09/2015 17:39:16
Hi, Would these work to joint up satellite cable same as a F Type Coax Coupler ? Thanks, Stu.

Thanks for your enquiry. You would need to use these connectors with a F-Type coupler. Also you require a compression tool for these connectors. I have included links below for the couplers and the compression tool.

F-type coupler:


Compression Tool:



Hope this helps


From Michael Hill at 13/01/2013 08:21:04
What tools are required to install these?

Thank you for your enquiry. The tool required for these connector are the CX3 range of tools. I have included the links below which are compatable.


CX3 Pocket Tool:


Cabelcon Triple Compression Tool



Hope this helps




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