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Labgear LDU608G 6 in 8 Out Home Distribution Unit Loftbox with Lte800 4G Filter

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only £70.40

£58.67 (ex. VAT)

Updated version of Labgear HDU681. Now with 4G LTE Filtering


Technical spec
Product code LDU608G
EAN 5050171062647

Labgear LDU608G

6 in 8 Out Home Distribution Unit Loftbox

with Lte800 4G Filter


Distributes any combination of SKY™, SKY+™, FM, DAB, UHF and CCTV signals around the home

  • Built in mode switch optimises the unit according to requirements - either for systems with a satellite receiver, or those without
  • 6 separate inputs for FM, DAB, UHF, CCTV, LNB1 and LNB2 and 4 outputs
  • 12V 45mA line powering for masthead amplifiers
  • All outputs IR enabled - 9V 15mA with short circuit protection.
  • Excellent filtering with a flat UHF response
  • Built in filter removes interference from 4G mobile phone transmitters
  • Noise figure: 4dB
  • Minimal insertion loss
  • Connections: F type 


The input signals from UHF IN and CCTV IN will feed directly to the distribution outputs when switch set to “UHF&CCTV”. If the switch is set to “SAT”, the Sky box must be used to re-modulate UHF signal and feed to Uplink IN, then distribute to all output ports.

LNB 2 IN is filtered and fed to the DOWNLINK OUT directly.

Frequency Range IR 3 - 10 MHz
FM 88 - 108 MHz
DAB 217 - 230 MHz
UHF / CCTV / Uplink 470 - 790 MHz
LNB 2 950 - 2300 MHz
LNB 1 5 - 2300 MHz
Impedance 75 Ohm
Inputs (7) LNB 1 / LNB 2 / UHF / FM / DAB / CCTV / Uplink
Outputs (10) 8 x OUT's / LNB 1 / Downlink
Insertion Gain From To Inband Gain Outband Rejection
LNB 1 in LNB 1 out -2 dB -
LNB 2 in Downlink Out -3 dB 35 dB @ 40 - 790 MHz
FM in -4 dB -
DAB in -6 dB -
UHF in -2 to -6 dB 25 dB @ 40 - 385 MHz
CCTV in -2 to -6 dB 20 dB @ 950 - 2300 MHz
FM in Outputs 1-8 -5 dB -
DAB in -6 dB -
Uplink in 0 to +6 dB 25 dB @ 40 - 385 MHz
UHF in -2 to +6 dB
CCTV in -2 to +6 dB
Out Uplink in -2 dB
LTE Outband Rejection on UHF/CCTV IN 25 dB
Isolation OUT / OUT 22 dB
DC Power Support UHF in 40 mA Max @ 12VDC
IR on OUTs 15 mA Max @ 9VDC
Power Consumption 250 mA Max @ 12VDC
Internal  Linear Power Supply 250 VAC, 50Hz / 400 mA Max @ 12VDC

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From Ian collins at 02/11/2014 18:20:24
Changed my distribution unit from a cheap Maplins version to the LDU608G. connected the unit as it was with the Marlins version and can't see analogue picture on any TV. Can see perfect digital in every room, but no signal from the sky box. Connected the aerial into the sky HD box, the return from the sky box to the UHF IN on the HDU. all TVs work fine on digital. No signal for analogue. Checked my mates box and his works fine the same way I have wired it. Any help would be great

Thanks for your enquiry. Most Sky receivers output are default set to channel 68. The Labgear LDU608G is 4G LTE protected which means it will block signals between 60 to 69. You will need to change the output channel on your Sky receiver to a channel between 21 to 59 but have to try a few channels as you may get confliction with the Freeview channels. Once you've changed the channel you will need to do a retune on your TV.

Hope this helps


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