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Syncbox PROFESSIONAL Recessed Socket For Modular Outlets with 13 Amp UK Socket included

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Technical spec
Product code SBOX02
MPN SB-002

Sync-Box PRO Recessed Socket For Modular Outlets with 13 Amp Socket included

Included in the box:

  • Sync-Box Recessed Socket
  • Sync-Box Cover Plate
  • Back Box
  • 3 x Dividers 
  • UK 13 Amp Socket

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About Sync Box

The Market is Changing- The modern home consumer no longer wants to mount their sleek, eye-catching flat screen to their wall using a basic protruding TV wall bracket. Over the past decade flat screen technology has evolved quickly, combining online applications, 3D technology and incredible colour and clarity.

As with smart-phones the development of modern televisions is geared towards providing the best possible display on a screen with the smallest possible frame, border or housing. The result? A high-definition painting on your wall. A lifestyle product.


Sometimes it’s not good to stand out

At Sync-box we noticed the huge gap in quality between these new televisions and the TV wall bracket the consumer was expected to use to mount it.
Why purchase an expensive product which has been developed for its thin dimensions and then mount it with a gap from the wall? It made no sense to us so we decided to use our knowledge of the electrical goods market to design and manufacture our own unique take on the modern TV wall bracket.

And so we created the Sync-box.

Sync-box is housed into a standard double socket space. This minimises structural changes and means that it can be fitted retrospectively.

With Sync-box all your cables are recessed, so your flat screen doesn’t have to sit away from the wall.

Sync-box comes with a unique flat blanking plate for when the screen is removed or indeed if the screen is mounted to a swing bracket, exposing the wall behind. We’ve purposefully designed the blanking plate to look good in your home.



We get asked lots of question regarding Sync-box the most common are listed here:

Do I require a special plug top?


Modern televisions are supplied with a moulded plug top. These often have a substantial piece of plastic at the base of the plug which is designed for cable strain. Using a standard upright socket would result in the plug not being able to fit into the recessed Sync-box. The Sync-box PRO comes with an angled power socket module which enables the plug to be located at a 45 degree angle with ease. There is also no compromise with the available space next to the power socket for AV connections. All power and AV cables fit with ease.

How deep is the back box?


The back box is based around the depth of a standard US J box. The back box is 80 mm deep. Apart
from the depth it is a complete mirror image of a standard UK Double Back Box.

Is there a back box available for dry walls?


The standard back box can be fitting into brick and plasterboard walls, but we do have a
dedicated dry lining box coming very soon.

Can I combine power & AV in one sync-box?


Yes, included in Sync-box are divides for class 1 & class 2.

What is the depth of the cover plate, once installed in the wall?

Only 10mm

What modules do I need to use?


Any Sync-box accepts all euro-modules, the opening measures 100mm x 50mm.

Where can I purchase euro-modules?


We have a full range on this website. click here

What’s the depth behind the modules?


Once the modules are installed, it’s the same as using a stardard 35mm deep UK double back box behind.



Back Box Depth 80mm
Cover Plate Depth from Wall 10mm
Opening for Euro-Modules 100mm x 50mm

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From Chris at 28/03/2016 07:18:58
Hi I have just moved in to a new build. And i want to put tv on wall and all sockets are in wall.. And they are studded walls will this sockets replace to sockets that's in without any mess just a quick replacement for it to b flush with wall when plugs in ???? Thanks

Thanks for your enquiry. The standard back box can be fitted into brick and plasterboard walls, we do not have a dedicated dry lining box but we've been in formed that this option is coming soon. Please be aware that a Sync-Box requires 80mm depth. 

Hope this helps



From sean jones at 13/12/2014 13:54:10
do you have a dry wall back box option?

Thank for your enquiry. Sync-Box do not currently have a dry wall option. We have heard that they will be bringing it out but we have not been given a date.


Kind regards



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