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Vision V23-2102G Power Supply Unit PSU for Masthead Amplifier F Type Connections 12v 100mA

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Technical spec
Product code V23-2102G

12v 100mA Switch-Mode-Power-Supply (SMPS) for masthead amplifiers. Thermal cut-out fuse in transformer + short circuit & overload protection. LED “power on” indicator. Double sided PCB for reliability and stability. Fully screened RF loop-through with F-Connectors. 0.6m mains lead with UK mains plug with 3A fuse fitted. Low insertion loss. Visible fixing lugs and screw holes for easy fixing.


Outage Voltage 12V-negative earth
Centre pin positive
Current 100mA
Insertion Loss <0.5dB
Frequency Range 5 to 862MHz
RF Connection F-female for input and output
Mains Voltage 230V AC ±10% 50Hz
Mains Plug UK moulded plug with 3A fuse
Lead 0.6m mains lead
Size 106mm x 51mm x 40mm
Weight Kg 0.35

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From Claire at 08/01/2017 22:41:48
Hi Hope you don't mind me asking you a question about this product. I have a v23-2100b power supply for my digital Ariel, but it's broken. Would the v23-2102g work as a replacement as I can't seem to find anywhere that sells a replacement. Many thanks Claire

Thanks for your enquiry. The Vision V23-2102G power supply unit is the replacement for the V23-2100B PSU. I believe that the only difference is the cosmetics.

Hope this helps


From Ed Holding at 29/01/2016 16:58:48
Hi, I need to replace a faulty Vision V23-560 PSU which has only 5V output. Will this product be suitable? Many thanks Ed

Thanks for your enquiry. I've been informed by Vision that they no longer do a 5v PSU and that the Vision V23-2102 can not be used to replace the V23-560. Unfortunately you will need to replace the masthead amplifier which uses a 12v PSU.

Best regards



From David Harris at 02/08/2014 15:37:40
The installation had worked fine for 18 months since install and hadn't been disturbed so I assume fault isn't a short in the braid. I found an old 5v psu in the back of a cupboard and jury rigged it up to the other input port on the MHA. The signal was restored and didn't die after a few minutes as was the case before. My conclusion is the PSU is faulty so will buy another one.

Hi David,

Thanks for your update. If you have any further issues please let me know and I'll do my best to help. 


Best regards



From David Harris at 28/07/2014 10:52:09
I have exactly the same symptoms as John Church. My masthead amp recently stopped working. If I switch off the PSU for a while it will work for 10 minutes before the LED turns from green to red then goes out completely and the signal is lost/ Any ideas?

Hi David,

I got in contact with Vision today and they suggested that there could be a short in the setup. I would advise that you check your connections to make sure there is no outer braiding touching the inner core. Vision didn't think it could be to do with the heat as they felt the operating temperature
range is much higher (-20c to +50c). We can't rule out the masthead amplifier as there could possibly be a fault with the unit  I will ask John Church to keep me updated.

Kind regards



From John Church at 26/07/2014 17:33:09
I have this power supply in my roof, which gets pretty hot! Recently my TV gets no signal, I have to get in the attic and reset it until the red light goes green. However I again lose the signal within a few hours. Does the power supply need changing?

Hi John,

Your order for the power supply unit has been processed and dispatched. Please can you keep me updated once you've installed the unit as I received a response from a customer who is also experiencing a similar issue.  






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